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By NATHAN HOWELL | Editor-in-chief

ALABASTER – Nearly 20 motorcycles could be seen passing through Alabaster, Helena and Pelham on July 17 for the first God Did It Ministries motorcycle ride.

Sanchez Tanniehill, the organization’s founder, said the ride was a way to support the local community and draw attention to his group’s efforts.

“We get grants for some of the different projects that we do,” Tanniehill said. “Unfortunately, they don’t always cover what we want to accomplish. We thought this would be a great way to get out into the community and raise money for our operations. “

The ride began at Buck Creek Park in Alabaster, where a line of bikers eagerly awaited to hit the road as a visible representation of the organization.

They stabilized their bikes and lined up, even Tanniehill sat in a side seat on one of the bikes.
A volunteer was standing in front of the line, counting down, and the bikes were off.

“We ended up going down Alabama 119, through the intersection and up Shelby County 17 through Helena,” Tanniehill explained. “Helena and their police department were kind enough to help us. Then we passed by Pelham, and their service met us there. Finally, we passed Oak Mountain State Park and headed back to Alabaster. “

Touring the bikes was a sight to see as they passed many normal Saturday events, such as farmers’ markets and local garage sales.

“I had a great time,” Tanniehill said. “The ride was so smooth.”

He said that feeling was mutual among the runners from what he saw.

“They loved it,” he added. “The cities were very cooperative in making sure everyone was safe. It was great for our first run and everyone said they would be ready to do it again.

Organizers had reason to be concerned, as rain has been a recurring problem in recent weeks. They monitored the weather, which ultimately worked for them. Tanniehill attributed the success of the hike to prayer.
“It rained a bit but it didn’t stay,” he explains. “I prayed and the Lord said, ‘I got you.’ In the end, we had no problem. “

God Did It Ministries uses his funds to help support community initiatives like providing local students with school supplies and other items to organize community events and other things.

“All I wanted was for the community to come together and come together. I think it was a good first time, ”said Tanniehill. “Please keep praying for us. “

He said those interested in supporting the organization can purchase special patches designed for this race. Anyone interested in a purchase can contact the God Did It Ministries Facebook page.

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